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H-E-B weekly ads
H-E-B weekly ads
H-E-B weekly ads


Established in 1905, H-E-B has remained the leading supermarket retail establishment in the United States. Providing their USA customers with high-quality and affordable products, H-E-B has extended its significance as a popular supermarket brand.

With over 350 stores in Texas including Laredo, Texas. There are currently international stores available in the Northwest region of Mexico.

H-E-B has upheld their aims in providing their customers with affordable prices nationally. H-E-B’s products include produce, meat and seafood, a pantry in stores, health products, personal care products, pet products, and more.

H-E-B’s quality services separate them from other supermarket retailers as a result of their affordable prices, quality products, and great promotional offers. H-E-B’s regular specials on offer additionally contribute to the continued success of the brand.

For more information on the specials and sale items on offer, consult their official website at https://www.heb.com. Online catalogues are also available on their official website. These catalogues include deliveries, coupons, products, and more form the H-E-B catalog.


  • Great Promotional Offers: By informing their customers through a weekly ad, a regular ad, a sales ad, a flyer, the ad for this week, and the consistent weekly ads, customers are accustomed to sales, specials, deals, and a sales paper ensuring that their customers get the best deals available.
  • Online Store Services: H-E-B offers their customers a delivery service, which involves the customers choosing what they want, then after a H-E-B employee collects those items, he or she then delivers it personally to the customer’s house ensuring that they had a pleasant experience.
  • High-Quality Products: H-E-B carries products that are made of a high-quality standard, which is the products that their customers happen to enjoy as well.
  • Great Employees: The staff team at H-E-B treat their customers with respect and offer them honest opinions in order for their customers to be accustomed to a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Affordable Prices: H-E-B carries products that are affordable when compared to prices nationally so that their customers can be happy about the product they purchased.


H-E-B store are accessible across the state of Texas. It is also accessible internationally with stores in Northwest Mexico. To find a store near you, click here, then click find your preferred store. Then go to find a store near me, and enter your location. Operation hours are from Monday-Sunday 6AM-1AM.