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About Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco was founded back in 1899 in Chicago, Illinois by Frank Vernon Skiff. Originally named Jewel, it was founded as a door-to-door coffee delivery service, but has now expanded to becoming a major regional supermarket chain in the midwestern region of the United States. As of 1999, Jewel-Osco has been a subsidiary of Albertsons—its parent company.

There are currently a total of approximately 188 Jewel-Osco locations in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of which are located in the state of Illinois; the retailer has 183 stores throughout Illinois, 4 in northwest Indiana, and 1 in eastern Iowa. The 183 Illinois locations include 10 stores in Chicago.

Please visit to explore the store’s official website and to shop online at Jewel-Osco. Meanwhile, you can click here to check out the weekly ad/flyer/circular/sale paper so that you don’t miss any good sales. (Just be sure to change the “Current Store” to a store near you to see relevant offers.) Alternatively, you can visit Jewel-Osco’s homepage, scroll down to “On Sale This Week,” and click “Save Now” to view the ad this week. (Note: Weekly ads are valid from Wednesday to the following Tuesday.)

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Please click here and enter your location to find a Jewel-Osco store near you. Alternatively, you can browse the store’s directory by clicking here. Store hours vary by location, but are generally around 6:00am to 12:00am daily. The pharmacy, however, typically opens later than and closes sooner than the store itself. Also, please note: The retailer’s hours may differ on the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Please confirm the hours of your local store (and/or pharmacy) prior to visiting.

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