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ShopRite weekly ads
ShopRite weekly ads
ShopRite weekly ads


ShopRite is a the largest retailer-owner cooperative in the United States. It began as a small cooperative of eight members, and is now comprised of 50 members. Today, ShopRite is the largest employer in New Jersey, and its members are part of the Wakefern Foood Company, which has some of the largest grocery and non-food warehouses and transportation lines in the eastern US.

Why shoppers love to buy at ShopRite

Customers love to shop at ShopRite for many reasons, like:

  • Large, convenient stores offering the traditional supermarket products, such as baby products, bakery, deli, floral, organic and kosher products, pet food, prepared foods, meat and seafood, dairy, home supplies, cleaning supplies and paper, beverages, snacks, and produce.
  • A customer-friendly website making customers feel welcome to ShopRite.
  • Convenient shopping from home and scheduled timely free delivery straight to your kitchen.
  • Being able to organize their shopping comfortably from home and prepare for a store visit by clipping and using digital coupons.
  • Online recipes and tips.
  • Emphasis on wholesome products.
  • Supports brands with fair-trade commitment.
  • Offers culinary workshops to share recipes and ideas at local stores.
  • Convenient mobile app for easy ordering and order tracking.
  • Locally-grown produce.
  • Locally-made dairy, bakery, and other grocery items.
  • The carefully-curated, budget-friend, private label ShopRite Trading Company™ offers quality products from around the world, made using traditional ingredients and artisanal recipes.


Despite their already low prices, there are many ways to save even more money at Shop Rite, such as:

  • Online digital coupons and promotions,
  • Weekly ad circular with the latest deals and coupons.
  • Popular ShopRite Can Can Sale helps shoppers stock-up their pantries.
  • In-store flyers with additional specials and coupons.
  • Additional in-store ads and deals,
  • Visit their website for the sales this week Preview next week’s deals to plan and organize your groceries and save even more.

Hours and locations

There are 328 Shop Rite stores throughout the US, including two locations in Brooklyn, New York. Most store operating hours are 7:00AM to 11:00PM or 12:00AM. There are also many 24-hour locations. Click here to find the Shop Rite location nearest you.