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Bashas' weekly ads
Bashas' weekly ads
Bashas' weekly ads


Established in 1932, Bashas has remained the leading supermarket establishment in the United States. Providing customers with quality produce and products that are affordable, Bashas has retained its significance as a popular grocery store and supermarket brand.

With over 118 locations across the United States including Crownpoint. There are currently no international stores available.

Bashas has upheld their aims in providing customers with quality grocery items at cost-effective prices nationally. The produces available at Bashas include fruits, vegetables, meats, and bakery items including bread, cakes, and donuts.

Basha’s quality services separate them from other grocery stores as a result of their affordable prices, great customer service, and quality produce from Arizona. Basha’s regular specials, also shown on a weekly ad and a grocery ad by Bashas,  contributes to the continued success of the brand.

For more information on the specials and sales on offer, consult their official website at Online grocery catalogues are also available on their website. These detail new products including store brands, food, and other items at the Basha catalog.


  • Great Promotional Offers: Through the weekly ads, the weekly ad specials, a sale ad, ads, a food ad, weekly grocery ads, a weekly flyer, a regular flyer, and the ad this week, customers can receive great promotional offers continuously at Bashas.
  • Great Customer Service: The customers at Bashas can experience great customer service including their cub house childcare, which is designed to help parents while they shop by taking care of their children, and having a pharmacy in stores that compliments their customers.
  • Produce of Arizona: Since Bashas is centered around the state of Arizona, a lot of the produce is local, which makes it high-quality and a fresh quality for their customers.
  • Bashas Helps Their Community: Bashas gives back to their community by doing a charity of the month, volunteering, and carrying a community support card.
  • Affordable Products: The customers at Bashas can expect affordable products and produce throughout the entire store.


Bashas is currently located in the United States within the state of Arizona only. There are no international stores currently. To find a store near you, click here. Operation hours are from 6AM-11PM for their grocery store Monday-Sunday, while their pharmacy is available 9AM-7PM Monday through Saturday, but is closed on Sunday.