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REJUVENATION is an American home goods and hardware retailer founded in 1977 in Portland, Oregon, by Jim Kelly. The store began as an architectural salvage shop, but Kelly began making lighting and reproduction of antique fixtures, cementing the store’s commitment to restoring the nostalgic architectural elements of the past, and incorporating them into modern living. Rejuvenation grew with catalogue orders, which continue today, online shopping, and stores throughout major metropolitan areas of the US. Today, Rejuvenation continues to manufacture its lighting products in its 87,000 square foot facility in Portland, where they also manufacture many of the products they sell. Rejuvenation is committed to selling American-made products as much as possible, and using local skilled craftsmen to guarantee quality. Rejuvenation is now part of the Williams-Sonoma group of companies, and remains dedicated to offering homeowners products with timeless design.


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Hours and locations

There are 10 Rejuvenation locations throughout the major metropolitan areas of the US, although most of their business is through catalogue and online sales. Most stores open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM Monday through Saturday, and from 11:00AM to 6:00PM on Sundays. Click here to find the location nearest you.

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