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About RadioShack

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts by two brothers almost 100 years ago in 1921, RadioShack is known for selling consumer electronics and related accessories, ranging from radios, to scanners, to walkie-talkies, to headphones, to spare electronic parts, to batteries, to cell phone accessories, and more.

The company currently has about 425 independent locations across the United States, primarily in more rural areas. Due to financial troubles and a changing economy, among other reasons, the business has seen the closing of the vast majority of its 7,300 locations that were once sprawled out across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. These included its locations in Tucson, Tulsa, Spokane, Las Vegas, Denver, Portland, and various other cities. To see remaining locations nearest you, please scroll down to “Locations Near Me and Store Hours” and click on the link provided.
Though it doesn’t carry the latest technology—such as cell phones/smartphones, laptops, high definition televisions (HDTVs), and the Amazon Fire Stick—unlike its competitors, RadioShack has been a household name for generations. Therefore, the brand has traditionally been associated with a sense of trust and reliability that other consumer electronics retailers may be perceived to be lacking.

To shop RadioShack’s online catalog, please visit Here, you can find Trending Products, including headphones, batteries, portable/pocket emergency weather radios, adapters, TV antennas, RadioShack T-Shirts, and more.

Why People Like to Shop at RadioShack

•    Trustworthiness: RadioShack customers are attracted to the retailer for its consistency over time and its refusal to sacrifice quality, knowing that products sold to them can be relied upon.
•    Competitive Prices: Items sold by RadioShack can be purchased for very reasonable, affordable prices that would fit within the budget of the average consumer. Basic smartphone cases, for instance, can currently be had for as little as $0.99.
•    Excellent Customer Service: A customer walking into one of the remaining brick-and-mortar RadioShacks can be sure to receive personalized attention from employees and not feel like just another number. The staff will do whatever they can to assist the customer and meet their individual needs.

Locations Near Me and Store Hours

To find RadioShack’s nearest stores, please click here. Hours vary by location; please confirm the hours of your local store before commuting there.

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