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Electric bike

Bicycles equipped with a large-capacity battery and an electric motor make the cyclist noticeably easier to ride. You can choose from two types of drives. It depends on the way you drive.

On bicycle paths and ordinary roads, we can increasingly meet one interesting means of transport. At first glance, it may seem that it is quite an ordinary bike, which does not differ from common types. If we focus on the details, then we find that there is a large-capacity battery and an electric motor on the bike. These elements help the cyclist to cope better.

Electric e-bikes can be in two basic types.

a) With speed sensor - in this case the intensity of the electric motor assistance depends on the pedalling frequency.

b) With pressure sensor - the intensity of the electric motor assistance depends on the torque.

Electric bikes are designed to maintain pedalling, and the engine only relieves strain. If we should describe it very simply, then the harder the cyclist steps, the more power the electric motor will give. The auxiliary motor of electric bikes usually consists of a speed sensor / pressure sensor, multifunction controller, control unit, electric motor, and battery.

E-bikes could be divided into two basic groups. Depending on where the drive is located. It is either a central drive or a hub drive. The front-wheel drive is no longer used today because it had several disadvantages.

  • The most used are electric bikes with a drive located in the rear hub. These bikes are usually chosen by recreational cyclists. It is also a cheaper option.

The central drive is usually installed on more expensive types of sports bikes. The degree of assistance is chosen by the cyclist himself by the level on the display or control. The advantage of this type of solution is that the motor is built into the frame at the bottom (in the centre of gravity) and thus its operation is facilitated. Centre drives are also recognized as more durable. A higher price could be considered a disadvantage. However, it is balanced by these positive properties.


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