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ShopRite Flyer - 03/19/2023 - 03/25/2023 - Sales products - bread, tart, Bowl & Basket, Puffs, asparagus, green beans, sweet potato, blackberries, flounder, tuna, crab, shrimps, StarKist, pizza, pasta sauce, sauce, Bertolli, ham, smoked ham, Cook's, sausage, italian sausage, american cheese, ricotta, chunk cheese, Sargento, pudding, yoghurt, Chobani, ice cream, Häagen-Dazs, cookies, Dove, crackers, Kellogg's, Pop-Tarts, fruit snacks, Chips Ahoy!, RITZ, tortilla chips, potato chips, Ruffles, Tostitos, cereals, Cheerios, granola bar, Rice Krispies, Nature Valley, cinnamon, salad dressing, dressing, oil, peanut butter, nuts, Canada Dry, Pepsi, seltzer water, purified water, water, ground coffee, coffee capsules, K-Cups, turkey breast, chicken breasts, chicken meat, turkey meat, beef sirloin, steak, sirloin steak, pork chops, pork loin, pork meat, bath tissue, detergent, Gain, Tide, Unstopables, laundry detergent, Purex, body wash, shampoo, soap, TRESemmé, canister, Sharp, Nature Made. Page 1.
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Scroll through this ShopRite flyer valid from 03/19/2023 to 03/25/2023 to see the latest deals. On 14 pages of the current weekly ad, you will find the best goods from the Grocery category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to ShopRite, don't forget to look through the entire flyer from page 1 to page 14. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to ShopRite, don’t miss the latest weekly flyer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Weekly Ads every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Legendary brands do not necessarily stagnate and remain the same. Pepsi is clear proof because it is constantly coming up with new products. What can you taste?

The Pepsi brand is a legend among sweetened cola-flavoured soft drinks. You have been enjoying its unique taste for more than 100 years, which every company cannot boast of. Today, you can try many unique products from it, which boast a unique recipe and unmistakable taste. Classic Pepsi with sugar, Max without sugar, or fruit variants with lime, mango, vanilla, pineapple, and others. It always enlivens boring afternoons and refreshes you during a hot day. You can buy them in eight different sizes (from 0.25 ml to 2.5 l), in glass, sheet metal and plastic. In any case, you will get your favourite taste for a great price.


Cooking is fun for some, suffering for others. In any case, you should always enjoy it and try new things. You will gain a new taste and experience.

Most people use one, a maximum of two types of oil in the kitchen. However, there are many species, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil and many others. You've probably never tried most of them, and some are very hard to come by. But once you try a little different type while cooking and taste the food with them, you will quickly realize that they are much tastier than the classic variants that you commonly use. Experimentation is very important in the kitchen and your family will surely be thrilled that they can try something new that they have never had before and just won't taste it somewhere. Try something new and you will not regret it.

1C check out happy. Shop Rite Hoogen-Don ageses RES MONT CHIP Chock full oNuts bowl basket or LIMIT 1 ITEM PER FAMILY LARGE SIZE Cheerios MARTINSON USDA CHOICE BEEF Chock full O'Nuts M US BERE pork 17 SALE PRICE Hlagen-Dar C PRIME Beef Prime MA Ground Coffee 10.2 to 3-0 ca (Excluding Deca) Any Variety Boneless Sirloin Steak Fresh, Beef Loin LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY $5.99 Certified Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak $699 Fresh, Beef Loin $799 $199 $199 $1198 SAVE $2.00 LIMIT 4 Certified Angus FINAL PRICE Green Asparagus BAP 2-lb. Bag Bowl & Basket Large EZ-Peel Shrimp 31 to 40-ct./lb., Frozen, Raw $199 Boneless Sirloin Steak Fresh, Beef Loin Bowl & Basket Boneless Chicken Breast Fresh, Family Pack Skinless NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER! Center Cut Pork Chops Fresh, Bone-In, Family Pack, Pork Loin $2.49b. -50¢ b 8 locked-in price INFLATION BUSTING LOW PRICES CHECK OUT THESE DEALS Tender Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream 14-oz. cont.. Any Variety LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY -50% $2.9⁹⁹ Lim LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY $14.99 SAVE $9.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Martinson Coffee K-Cups 90-Ct. 254 10 285-orbox Any Variety General Mills Cereal Large Size 139-or box Tris, 149- Lucky Cham 1510 152-0 CoCo Put 15-4-0 Honey Not Cheer 1676- Golden Rose's Peanut Butter Puffs or Cinnamon Tart Crunch or 12-o, Any Vanety Cat Crunch Ch $100 Cook's Spiral Sliced Ham Paisir KRISPIES Chobanl Chobani or Raspberries & Blackberries $1⁹99 SAVE 30€ 18-02 box Com LIMIT 4 OFFERS 6-az.cont. (+$350 -$100 FINAL PRICE Chobani Yogurt 4-Pack 23- tot w pkg. Any (Excluding FL Supe and Sup Fre 2$6 12 $7 Kellogg's Cereal Family Size 18.40 225.00 Rai Bhor 24-02 Frosted Fe Frosted M-Wheats or Rain Gran ( $249 50% FINAL PRICE $199 LIMIT 4 al Rice Krispies, 1826 ce Less or additional items WHEN will scan at $3.99 each. YOU BUY & Holiday dinner deals! SPEND $400 FROM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH THRU SATURDAY, APRIL 8TH TO QUALIFY PLUS Free -$100 FINAL PRICE 2.$7 WHEN YOU BUY Li Offer Shank HALF or Butt HALF Cook's Smoked Ham Ham & water product, reduced sodium Up to a 12-lb. average or Save 2.39 lb. Off any other smoked ham 99% ShopRite Frozen Grade "A" or Shady Brook Turkey Breast 5to9- Average or Save 2.30 lb. Off any other Fresh, Frozen or Kosher Turkey Breast WITH $400 PURCHASE Bone-in, honey glazed packet included WITH $400 PURCHASE or choose one of the family favorites listed on page 2... SEE PAGE 2 FOR COMPLETE DETAILS. W Cikks locked-in price Blazzo MOZZARELL POD Lunchtime Favorites Starkist Solid White Starkist Solid White Geldery MFR OFFER bol baske Thigh ShopRite Italian Sausage Pok Made Pod High $299 15- Exca Purex Pu RICOTTA Angel Soft SALE PRICE $9.99 $799 -$2.00. Limit 4-lbs FINAL PRICE Wild Caught Flounder Fillet Canadian, Previously Frozen NATURE VALLEY 2$5 Fresh Express Salad Blends 350 30-0 Assorted V B $199 SAVE UP TO $1.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Bertolli Pasta Sauce Organic & Jey Mariety, Avedo o 24-ored Gameday Favorites POP. Sparkle YOUR CHOICE Canada Dry Seltzer 12-Pack 144-0 tot we cans (Plus Dep or Fee Where Rog) 12-0 Cans Any Variety LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 OFFERS 6$4 Bowl & Basket Beans 15 to 155-o can (Excluding Organic Chicks Small White Pink Light or Dark Red Kidney, Pinto, Cannelini or Black Less or additional items will scan at 99 each our 6 SAVE 500 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY CHOICE $299 SAVE $1.00 LIMIT 4 Bowl & Basket Sweet Potatoes LIMIT 4 OFFERS Starkist Solid White Tuna Pure Life Purified Water 24-Pack 4056-ar tot wt bs (Ps Depor Fee Where Reg) 168-ar Bottles YOUR CHOICE 5-lb. Bag Usa scan at 50 each 4 Household Essentials 4 $4 FOR $29⁹9 Biazzo Mozzarella or pkg Whole Mik COOP BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Pepsi Bottles 8-Pack, Cans 12-Pack or Nitro 4-Pack PDFW) (Where Dom LIMIT 4 OFFERS Cas 544 145 Cam C SAVE UP TO $1.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 2$5 LIMIT 4 OFFERS Ken's Salad Dressing nhà hay t Biazzo Ricotta 32-02 con Whole Mak Fort Sm BUY 3 TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT Less or additional items will scan at $9.29 each Purex Laundry Detergent 2-0 canister Any Variety Crystal Wash Scent Booster 69 to 111-17 to 21 ct 4-1-Pacs or 435 to 50-02 Liquid Laundry Detergent LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY $10.99 SAVE UP TO $5.00 LIMIT & PER VARIETY Wesson Oil -gal bl. Canela or Vegetable Downy Unstopables 26.5-caterWash Sot Booder Any Vatty Go Down LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 2 LIMIT 4 OFFERS 3 3.512 $100 FINAL PRICE 3.$11 WHEN YOU BUY F LIMIT 4 OFFERS FINAL PRICE 351299 -$300 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts 13.5 to 14.6-orbox Exchating? wwwg sencha 68. Any Variety wana3.20 each YOUR 3 3.$9.99 WHEN YOU BUT LIMIT 4 OFFERS $249 General Mills Treat Bars 6.70 to 8.45rbox Anyany 13 $6 Nature Valley Granola Bars 67108.94-08 box (Excluding Plan Bars Lave Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 45 tobox chuding Simply frut) Any arty $349 98 FINAL PRICE 2$6 Limit 1 Offer Tide Laundry Detergent. Sale $15.99 auto 0- cont. St. Any Vanety Pods 15-xuding Simply Lond Gain Laundry Detergent COUPON$300 Fungs Pacs or 54 or Lique FINAL PRICE with al $1299 Li SAVE UP TO $2.50 $ $799 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Angel Soft Bath Tissue Mega Roll 12-Pack 1840-toth, c.pkg. Eqush 48 Regular Roll Sparkle Towels Double Roll 8-Pack 00-sot, sht z. pag. Endla 6 Regal Ros, Pick-A-520 ESATRIAN lado dr EEN STAR D e Chips Anoy RITZ TOSTATOS KOZYSHACK SARGENTO Sharp Chiblar Jack Dove Tostatos triscuit RUFFLES Self Care Dove $4.99 # Dove 63 Black Bear American Cheese Store Shoed Velbe ar White Prenum SALE PRICE $10.49 b. -50€ timame Limit 4-lbs. 3/12 THRU 4/8/23 SEE PAGE 10 FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 5.$3 Bowl & Basket Vegetables Abd Wish French Ge FF Stor DC S SAW P Lessor additional term will scan at 89 each you 5 ¹99¢ Bowl & Basket Select Steam in Bag Vegetables 12-oz. bag, Cut Green Beans Chopped Spinach Brocco Florets. Maed Vegetables, Super Sweet Yellow White Com Whole Kemal Comar hole Kernel Com and Green Pa LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Limit 4- PRICE $9.99L -$1.00 MIX MATCH Newman's Own Pizza 15 10 173-0 pkg. Any Variety LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies 7 to 13-orpg (Excluding This Bibe Any Variety LIMIT 4 OFFERS 1/2 PRICE Nature Made Vitamins 30 to 400-ct. Assorted Vineties (Exchung While Supptes Last Items and Wellendo Regular Retails: 8.49 to 45.99 ea Sale Retails: 4.24 to 22.99 ea Large Snow Crab Clusters 5 to 8- Fully Cooked Frozen Wit Caught LIMIT 4 OFFERS $9.99 FINAL PRICE LIMIT 4 OFFERS SAVE 60€ LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY TRESemmé Shampoo 20- or Assorted Variaties Condboner or (Excluding 22- or bt Natural and Korain and While Supplies Late LIMIT 4 OFFERS $8.99 FINAL PRICE ShopRite Turkey Breast Stare Sped Executive Honey Smoked Dove Bath Soap 6-Pack 225-or tot wt.pky (Excluding Men Cand LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Dove Body Wash 22-01 or Assorted Vites $199 SAVE $1.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Freihofer's or Maier's Italian Bread 20022-(Brand May Wyby Store) Any $199 SAVE $1.30 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Sargento Chunk Cheese 6 to 8-ar pks. Any Variety 2 $5 Nabisco Ritz or Snack Crackers 38 to 15-02 box, Any Variety, Ritz or 3.5 to 91-r. (Excluding Stoned whe will 2 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY FINAL PRICE $449 $100 $349 LIMIT 4 13. $10 Tostitos Tortilla Chips 91013-Bag (Excluding Baked & Simply Organic) Any Variety Ruffles Potato Chips 55 to 9-0 bag. Any Variety FINAL PRICE or 1005 Say's Dips y 58 -$100 3.$7 WHEN YOU BUY 3 LIMIT 4 OFFERS $199 Kozy Shack Pudding 22 oz. cont. Any Variety ng Simply Organic) Any Variety Les 3 DIGITAL 2510 $400 FINAL PRICE 2.$6 WHEN YOU BUY Limit 1 Offer COUPON 200 FINAL PRICE $5.9⁹⁹ COUPON$300 $3.99 IC Prices, programs and promotions effective Sun, March 19 thru Sat, March 25, 2023 in ShopRite Stores in NJ, North of Trenton (excluding Ewing, Hamilton Square, Hamilton Marketplace, Pennington and Montague, NJ and Rockland County, NY) including E. Windsor, Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPEAR ON THE LAST PAGE.

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