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ShopRite Flyer - 03/14/2021 - 03/20/2021 - Sales products - rolls, Entenmann's, salmon, salmon fillet, tilapia, tuna, shrimps, StarKist, Campbell's, cream cheese, pizza, sandwich, soup, Knorr, sauce, Progresso, Bowl & Basket, ham, smoked ham, american cheese, mozzarella, Neufchâtel, ricotta, cheese, chunk cheese, greek yoghurt, Oreo, yoghurt, Chobani, large eggs, salsa, ice cream, Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Talenti Gelato, Friendly's Ice Cream, gelato, carrots, peas, mixed vegetables, vegetables, green beans, sweet potato, sweet corn, cookies, marshmallows, milk chocolate, chocolate, candy, Lindt, Lindor, Kinder Joy, Mars, M&M's, cereal bar, crackers, Kellogg's, jelly beans, chocolate bunny, Starburst, Peeps, RITZ, Doritos, tortilla chips, Cheetos, snack, Snacktime, Thins, popcorn, Cheez-It, Tostitos, oatmeal, oats, cranberries, sauerkraut, cereals, granola, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Raisin Bran, ravioli, basil, pesto, pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, honey, almonds, nuts, spring water, hot cocoa, tea bags, Twinings, coffee capsules, K-Cups, Segafredo, Cook's, turkey breast, chicken, turkey meat, beef meat, corned beef, detergent, Snuggle, Tide, fabric softener, laundry detergent, Joy, Dove, Colgate, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, bowl, Scott, probiotics. Page 1.
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Spring water

Every small child knows the acronym H2O and for good reason. This clear liquid is vital for us, and we should indulge in at least 2 litters every day.

Water is one of the basic components of our planet and humans, animals and nature would not be able to function without it. Each of us knows how important the hydration of the human body is. Drinking tap water is not the best solution, as it contains many chemical components for its purification. These enter your body and negatively affect it. It is therefore much better to bet on packaged liquid or filter kettles, which can help you with this problem. There are many brands, sizes, and types that you can buy. Mineral-enriched fluid is best because you get not only a moisturizer, but also many minerals that are great for your body.

1-Z12,Z12S Helping you get it together, together. ON SALE SUNDAY, 3/14 THRU SATURDAY, 3/20 2 $ 99 Bowl & Basket Soup Cups 20-oz. 2499 $ Bowl & Basket Corned Beef Dinner SAVE $1.00 SAVE $3.00 44-oz. pkg., Homestyle Meal LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 3 Bowl & Basket Premium Soup Cups SAVE $1.00 20-oz. Wake Up To Savings! Kellogg’s Cereal Medium Size 10 to 13.5-oz. box, Original Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot deals! 1 LIMIITTEM LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 2 1 $ 99 $ 77 Bowl & Basket Cofee Eggland’s Best Large Eggs 1-Dozen, Grade A or 9.3-oz. pkg., 6-Count Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs Segafredo Cofee 3.5 to 3.6-oz. box, 10-ct., Any Variety, Pods or 9 to 10-oz. bag, Ground Chock full o’Nuts Ground Cofee -2 lb. Fresh Premium Atlantic Salmon Fillet Fresh Tilapia Fillet 3 3 SAVE $2.00 SAVE $3.70 LIMIT4 PER VARIETY 88 88 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Italian Village Ravioli 1-lb. box (Excluding Lasagna) Any Variety 12-oz. pkg., Cavatelli, Mini or Square Cheese 1 2 $ 99 $ 99 SAVE 80¢ Store Sliced, Yellow or White, 2% Milkfat, or Lower Sodium, Deli Cheese Product Store Sliced, Assorted Varieties 16-oz. pkg., Whole Milk or Part Skim 2-lb. cont., Whole Milk or Part Skim 2 $ SAVE 50¢ LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Paesana Pasta Sauce 8.1-oz. jar, Basil Pesto or 24-oz. (Excluding Organic & Riserva) Any Variety, Red 25-oz. jar (Excluding Organic, Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Spice) Any Variety -4 OFF FINAL PRICE •Yehuda •Osem •ShopRite •Aviv with Digital Coupon (Excluding Whole Wheat) (Where Available, While Supplies Last) 1 $ 99 ea. Limit 1 LIMIT 4 •Streit’s •Manischewitz •Horowitz (Excluding Whole Wheat) (Where Available, While Supplies Last) yourchoice 7 2$ FOR Lindt Easter Chocolates 1.7 to 3.5-oz. pkg., Little Chick or Bunny, Easter Chocolates or Any Variety, Lindt Lindor Eggs Less or additional items will MUST scan at $4.29 each. BUY LIMIT 4 OFFERS 7 FOR 5 Starburst Jelly Beans or LifeSavers Gummies 9 to 14-oz. bag, Any Variety Less or additional items will MUST scan at $2.79 each. BUY LIMIT 4 OFFERS 2 5 4$ FOR Just Born Marshmallow Peeps 3 to 3.375-oz. pkg. (Excluding Sugar Free) Any Variety Less or additional items will MUST scan at $1.49 each. BUY Order Groceries Online. 1-Z12,Z12S 7.44 to 11.4-oz. bag, Any Variety 4 Same Day Pick Up & Delivery Available at participating ShopRite® stores, subject to scheduling availability 10 OFF 3 5 2$ FOR Limit 1 MUST BUY 2 LIMIT 4 OFFERS 2 $ 99 SAVE $2.00 Nabisco Single Serve 12-Pack 11.4 to 28.8-oz. tot. wt. pkg., Handi-Snacks or (Excluding Good Thins Sweet Potato & Ritz Crisp & Thins) Any Variety 2 6 2$ 3 to Nabisco Oreo Cookies Family Size 12.2 to 20-oz. pkg., Any Variety Assorted Sizes & Varieties (Excluding Cereal Bars, Single Serve and Cookie Tin) Any Variety Less or additional items will MUST scan at $3.69 each. BUY 7 3$ LIMIT 4 OFFERS FOR OFF 2 FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon FOR ea. Entenmann’s Baked Goods -$100 mixormatch LIMIT 4 OFFERS 5 9 to 13-oz. bag (Excluding Cantina, Baked & Simply Organic) Any Variety FOR Tostitos Salsa Doritos Tortilla Chips 15.5-oz. jar (Excluding Simply Organic & Con Queso) Any Variety 7 Less or additional items will MUST scan at $3.00 each. BUY 4 2$ FOR 7 to 8.5-oz. bag (Excluding Baked & Simply) Any Variety, Cheese Pufs or 6.5 to 7-oz. Cheetos Popcorn MUST BUY 2 2$ 2 Cheetos Cheese Pufs or Popcorn Tostitos Tortilla Chips 2$ 6 2$ $ 19 $ 49 Limit 1 Ofer LIMIT 4 OFFERS Limit 1 Ofer LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY pt. to 15.2-l. cont., Non Dairy or Any Variety 48-oz. cont., Dairy Dessert or Any Variety FOR 5 2$ FOR LIMIT 4 OFFERS 3 $ 99 ea. FOR OFF 2 FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon with Digital Coupon Sale Price: -$100 14-l. oz. cont., Any Variety or 9-l. oz. pkg., Any Variety Novelties OFF FINAL PRICE DIGITAL COUPON FOR DIGITAL COUPON 17.8 to 20.6-oz. box, Any Variety, Ritz or 11.5 to 16-oz. Snack Crackers 9 6 2$ Sale Price: Nabisco Ritz or Snack Crackers Family Size Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream $ 00 (Where Available, While Supplies Last) 2 2$ MUST BUY 2 Limit 1 Ofer Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Friendly’s Ice Cream M&M’s Easter Candies 1 2 $ 77 LIMIT 4 OFFERS 2 Matzo Digital Savings with Price Plus® Card and additional purchase of $50.00 or more (excluding fuel and items prohibited by law). Limit one per family. LIMIT 4 OFFERS OFF 2 FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon FOR $ 88 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Fill Your Easter Basket! -$232 Snacktime Favorites! $ 99 -4 FOR DIGITAL COUPON 4 to 8-oz. bag, Any Variety LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 OFFERS 4 2$ Sale Price: Pepperidge Farm Goldish 3$ pt. cont., Any Variety, Sorbet or (Excluding Layers) DIGITAL COUPON 12 to 15.25-oz. can (Excluding Organic & Pantry Cut) Whole Kernel, Cream Style, Vac Pak or Silver Label Extra Crispy Golden Sweet Corn, Garden Sweet Peas, Regular or No Salt Added, Cut or French Style Green Beans, Sliced or Diced Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Regular or No Salt Added, Whole or Sliced White Potatoes, Sauerkraut or Cut or Sliced Beets 15 to 15.5-oz. can (Excluding Organic) Chick Peas, Small White, Pink, Cannellini, Black, Light or Dark Red Kidney or Pinto -$100 FOR Talenti Gelato 5-lb. Box Domestic Matzos 50¢ ShopRite Vegetables ShopRite Beans FINAL PRICE 405.6-oz. tot. wt. btls. (Plus Dep. or Fee Where Req.) 16.9-oz. Bottles Passover Specials Sale Price: 48-oz. btl., Classic, Extra Virgin or Smooth Extra Virgin your choice with Digital Coupon LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY One (1) Pompeian Olive Oil 64-oz. btl., Corn, Canola or Vegetable 3$ FOR DIGITAL COUPON SAVE UP TO $1.51 5 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Wesson Oil MUST BUY 3 Classico Pasta Sauce $ 00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 99 Sale Price: Deer Park or Poland Spring Water 24-Pack LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY $ 99 SAVE $7.00 7.5-oz. bag, Any Variety, Snap’d or 8 to 12.4-oz. box (Excluding Large Size Snap’d) SAVE $3.00 SAVE UP TO $1.20 DIGITAL COUPON SAVE $1.50 Cheez-It Snack Crackers 50¢ 1 1 5 $ 99 Refreshing Favorites! $ 99 $ 49 Sale Price: 2 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Biazzo Ricotta ea. $ 99 lb. Black Bear Turkey Breast Limit 1 Biazzo Mozzarella 1 $ 49 LIMIT 4 699 $ lb. OFF SAVE $1.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 5 Land O Lakes American Cheese ¢ San Giorgio Pasta 5 499 $ 10.9 to 11.6-oz. pkg., Any Variety ¢ 5-oz. can, In Water or Oil Less or additional items will MUST scan at $1.49 each. BUY OFF FINAL PRICE 4 StarKist Solid White Tuna -50¢ with Digital Coupon 6 to 8 oz. pkg., Any Variety 5 FOR DIGITAL COUPON ShopRite Chunk Cheese 5$ LIMIT 4 OFFERS 16.1 to 16.3-oz. can, Any Variety Caulipower Pizza 31 to 40-ct./lb., Frozen, Cleaned 5 1 $ 99 Sale Price: 4$ Campbell’s Well Yes! Soup Less or additional items will MUST scan at $2.49 each. BUY LIMIT4 PER VARIETY 2-lb. Bag Cape Gourmet Large Cooked Shrimp 5 5$ FOR $ 99 98 5-lb. Box Imported Matzos MUST BUY 3 LIMIT 4 OFFERS Mealtime Favorites! $ 99 LIMIT 4 OFFERS 4 3$ LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 Less or additional items will MUST scan at $2.69 each. BUY lb. OFF 3 FINAL PRICE FOR 18.5 to 19-oz. can (Excluding Organic) Any Variety LIMIT 4-LBS 3 with Digital Coupon ea. Progresso Rich & Hearty Soup with Digital Coupon -$ 47 DIGITAL COUPON 20-ct. box, Any Variety, Black, Green or Herbal $ 99 FOR DIGITAL $ 00 COUPON OFF PER LB. FINAL PRICE LIMIT 4-LBS. 13 $ One (1) OFF FINAL PRICE $ 99 lb. -2 Responsibly Raised, Flown Direct From South America, Antibiotic Free Farm Raised, BAP 4-Star Certiied, Never Frozen 5 Twinings Tea Bags $ 00 3 2 $ 49 Sale Price: with Digital Coupon LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 8-oz. pkg., Regular or Neufchâtel 12 to 13-oz. tot. wt. pkg., Any Variety 5 DIGITAL COUPON 23 to 26-oz. can, Any Variety ShopRite Bar Cream Cheese Thomas’ English Muins 6-Pack $ 99 Sale Price: LIMIT 4 OFFERS 7 99¢ 1 $ 77 SAVE UP TO 72¢ Soup & Sandwich $ 99 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 3.7 to 4.1-oz. box (Excluding Hot Cocoa) 12-ct., Any Variety, K-Cups or 12-oz. bag (Excluding Specialty Espresso & Pumpkin) Ground or choose one of the favorites listed on page 2 Sale Price: FREE 1 LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 OFFERS SAVE UP TO $4.00 10 to 14-lb. average $2.00 OFF Any 2-lb.Bag of Shrimp 5 get SAVE $1.00 Ham & water product, reduced sodium Up to a 12-lb. average Lenten Specials! 5.3-oz. cont., Any Variety Flips, Less Sugar, Probiotics, Non Dairy, With Oatmeal or Complete Cups and... 3$ FOR LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY ShopRite Frozen All Natural Hen Turkey FREE R PE Y FAMIL Chobani Greek Yogurt FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon 10 FOR OFF 3 MUST BUY 3 Shank HALF Cook’s Smoked Ham or 10 -97¢ DIGITAL COUPON 10 $ buy 1 $ 99 Sale Price: Loops, Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes, 15.9-oz. Original Raisin Bran Crunch, 16.6-oz. Raisin Bran, 15.5-oz. Cocoa Krispies, 14.3 to 18-oz. Any Variety, Frosted Mini-Wheats, 14 to 15.9-oz. Raisin Bran Toasted Oats & Honey, Vanilla Almond Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisin Bran with Bananas or Cranberries, 11 to 13.3-oz. box (Excluding Nourish, Granola & Pumpkin) Any Variety, Special K SPEND $400 FROM SUNDAY, FEB. 21ST THRU SATURDAY, APRIL 3RD TO QUALIFY Free $ 33-oz., Store Prepared, Oven Roasted, No Antibiotics Ever LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Holiday dinner 499 Bowl & Basket Rotisserie Chicken $ 99 9.25 to 11.25-oz. bag, Any Variety Less or additional items MUST will scan at $2 for 6. BUY 3 2 Dove Easter Chocolate 7.4 to 8.87-oz. bag, Any Variety, Promises Easter Chocolates, 4.5 to 6.64-oz. Mars Assorted Easter Mix or Dark or Milk Chocolate, Solid Chocolate Bunny Less or additional items will MUST scan at $3.99 each. BUY LIMIT 4 OFFERS All Laundry Detergent 2 36 to 40-oz. btl., Any Variety, Liquid or 12.6 to 16.6-oz. pkg., 18 to 24-ct., Mighty Pacs Snuggle Fabric Softener 4 3$ FOR 31.7 to 32-oz. btl., Any Variety, Liquid or 70 to 80-ct. box, Sheets Kinder Joy Treat & Toy Easter Egg Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash OFF 2 FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon 4 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 3 Tide Laundry Detergent 30-oz. pkg., 32-ct., 34-oz. cont., 42-ct. or 35-oz. cont. 21-ct., Any Variety, Pods or 69-oz. btl. 10X or 92-oz., Any Variety, Liquid MFR 1199 -$300 OFF FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon 8 $ 99 ea. Limit 1 OFF 4 4-ct. Extra Clean, 1-ct. 360 Manual: Full Head, Medium, Optic White, Total Advanced or (Excluding 360 Platinum and Floss Tip) 5 4$ FOR MUST BUY 4 $ DIGITAL COUPON -$300 FINAL PRICE Colgate Max Toothbrush LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 OFFERS Sale Price: FOR DIGITAL COUPON with Digital Coupon 8-l.oz. High Impact White Optic White, 8.4-l.oz. 2$ 98 FOR 8 4$ Sale Price: 3.3-oz. Total Advanced, Total Whole Mouth Health, 4.2-oz. Optic White Stain Fighter, 4.6-oz. Kids Stand Up, 4.6 to 6-oz. -$100 DIGITAL COUPON MUST BUY 2 .7-oz. pkg. Less or additional items will MUST scan at $1.69 each. BUY Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 2 $ 99 Sale Price: 499 $ 1/2 PRICE LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY SAVE $1.00 LIMIT 4 Scott Towels Mega Roll 6-Pack 612-tot. sht. ct. pkg., Equals 11 Regular Rolls, Choose-A-Sheet Limit 1 Ofer Sundown Vitamins 2 $ 00 OFF LIMIT 1 20 to 400-ct., Select Varieties (Excluding Kids) Regular Retails: 5.79 to 35.49 ea. Sale Retails: 2.89 to 17.74 ea. Prices, programs and promotions efective Sun., March 14 thru Sat., March 20, 2021 in ShopRite® Stores of Bridge & Harbison, Fox Street, Aramingo Ave., Knorr St., Morrell Plaza, Roxborough, Front & Olney, Roosevelt Blvd., Oxford & Levick, Whitman Plaza, Parkside, Oregon Ave. and Island Ave., PA. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPEAR ON THE LAST PAGE.

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