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Painting an apartment is not pleasant, but occasionally it must be done. The basis is the choice of colour, shade and means of application. What to choose?

We paint the walls and ceilings of our apartments and houses not only for aesthetic but also for practical reasons. Choosing paint is very important to make us feel good at home and at the same time protect the walls from dust that can cause unpleasant allergies. You must look at the numbers when choosing. The lower the digit in the category, the better the colour properties. Acrylic types have a high opacity, while classic paints are very resistant to drought. However, you will also find special variants on the market that are washable and are great for households with small children or pets, because you can wash the wall and get rid of dirt without having to paint the whole room.

White is a great background. Most people get it because it is very neutral, and you can add accessories in any colour and style to the room. The big advantage is that it overlaps easily, just like other light shades. Cold shades always visually enlarge the room, while warm shades are especially suitable for rooms where we spend a lot of time. Red, pink, yellow or orange is therefore best in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. You also must work with light. In sunny places you can afford a darker shade and vice versa.

You have practically only two options: a classic roller or a spray gun. The gun is ideal for large spaces and with the right design (spray density, correct distance, and angle) you will get a perfect coating without smudges and irregularities. You can also use it around windows, in the corner and behind the heater. You are guaranteed to use a brush or roller, because it is a classic method of painting. At the same time, it's a much cheaper way to reckon with the fact that it will take a little more time and effort. In any case, you will get the perfect result with the right procedure.


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