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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, and is a festivity celebrating love and friendship. It is celebrated in many countries and, although its name commemorates a Christian saint, it has no religious significance. Instead, it comes from a pagan Roman celebration called Luperci, which was a fertility festival dedicated to the god Faunus celebrated in mid-February. The Christian saint for whom the holiday is named was St. Valentine, a martyr who defied a Roman law outlawing marriage for young soldiers, and continued to bless marriages in secret. By the Middle Ages, the festival had grown into a popular celebration of love. The first Valentine’s card is believed to be a poem written in 1415 by an imprisoned French nobleman to his wife.

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romantic love and also friendship. It has been traditionally celebrated with Valentine’s Day cards with cute Valentine’s Day quotes. Today, many greetings are online and include clever Valentine’s Day memes, beautiful animated cards with Valentine’s Day images, and activities for children including Valentine’s Day coloring pages. Many popular software programs include Valentine’s Day clip art to create your own cards. Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with a romantic dinner, maybe a Valentine’s Day movie, and a gift.

Valentine’s Day Offers

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to find great offers on gifts for him and her, and major retailers such as such as Walmart, Lowe's, Target or Best Buy offer the latest at discounted prices. Valentine’s Day gifts for him include fashion, electronics, fragrance, and jewelry. Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for her include fashion and accessories, cosmetics and fragrance, jewelry, chocolates, and flowers (particularly red roses).

Valentine’s Day Shopping

To find Valentine’s Day ideas and the best savings, check out the weekly sales circulars and special gift catalogues. Be a savvy shopper, check out your favorite retailer’s flyers and save at to surprise your loved one with a unique gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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