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Crate & Barrel weekly ads
Crate & Barrel weekly ads
Crate & Barrel weekly ads


Established in 1962, Crate and Barrel has remained the leading furniture and household item supply establishment in the United States. Providing customers with quality furniture and décor that is fashionable and affordable, Crate and Barrel has extended its significance as a popular household brand.

With over 90 stores across the United States including Austin and Pasadena. There are currently no international stores available.

Crate and Barrel has upheld their aims in providing customers with fashionable furniture nationally. The products available at Crate and Barrel includes household décor, décor for bedrooms, dining room tables, and more.

Crate and Barrel’s quality services separate them from other furniture stores as a result of their fashionable furniture, constant sales, and high-quality products. Crate and Barrel’s regular specials on offer contributes to the continued success of the brand.

For more information on the specials and sales on offer, consult their official website at Online furniture catalogues are also available on their website. These detail new products including beds, dining room tables, couches, and décor from the Crate and Barrel catalog.


  • Great Promotional Offers: Customers are informed of the great promotions at Crate and Barrel by an ad, and a flyer. These promotion offers include coupons, sales, a dish sale, and more in order to ensure that their customers are getting the best deals on the market.
  • Outlet Store: For customers looking to spend a small amount of money, they can turn to the outlet store for Crate and Barrel, which makes sure that Crate and Barrel extends their availability from their products to every person and has coupon giveaways often.
  • Online Store: Customers are also available to purchase furniture online while experiencing the comfort of their own homes.
  • Great Customer Service: The staff team at Crate and Barrel offers helpful information and honest opinions about their products in order to give their customers a pleasant shopping experience.
  • High-Quality Products: Customers at Crate and Barrel can expect their products to be made in America and be made with high-quality material.


Crate and Barrel stores are accessible nation-wide with stores in and across the United States including Austin and Pasadena. There are currently no international stores available. Click here to find a store near you, then click find a store. Operating hours are from 10AM-9PM Monday-Saturday, while Sunday is 11AM-6PM.