Advance Auto Parts locations and hours

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Advance Auto Parts weekly ads
Advance Auto Parts weekly ads
Advance Auto Parts weekly ads


Established in 1932, Advance Auto Parts has remained the leading automotive parts retailer across the United States. Providing customers with quality car parts and tools that are affordable, Advance Auto Parts has extended its significance as a popular automotive brand.

With over 4,931 stores within the United States including Miami, El Paso, and Brownsville. International stores are also found in Mexico, the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands.

Advance Auto Parts have upheld their aims in providing customers with quality automotive parts at affordable prices. The products available at Advance Auto Parts include brake pads, car cleaner, air filters, and brake kits.

Advance Auto Part’s quality services separate them from other automotive stores as a result of their in-store services, affordable prices, and their online sales. Advance Auto Parts gives a coupon to each customer weekly that contributes to the continued success of the brand.

For more information on the specials and circular sales on offer, consult their official website at Online catalogues are also available on their website that match to your personal car. These detail products that fit your car including brake pads, suspension kits, and engine kits as well.


  • Great Customer Service: Both in stores and online offers great customer service. At stores, customers can be accustomed to repair services for their cars, while online, they can find parts matching exclusively to their own car providing an unique experience for the customer.
  • Amazing Promotional Offers: Customers are informed of the great promotional offers through weekly ads,  a weekly flyer, a flyer, and a regular ad at Advance Auto Parts. Customers could receive coupons in stores, or sales from a sales flyer in order to ensure that they get the best deals available from the great promotional offers.
  • Online Orders: Customers can conveniently order parts matching to their own car while at the comfort of their homes with in-store delivery.
  • Convenient Credit Program: Customers can earn points from purchases by using the Speed Perks program at Advance Auto Parts. Once they have enough points, they can use them for purchases or services.
  • Affordable Products: Advance Auto Parts aims to provide customers with quality products and services that are affordable for the customer.


Advance Auto Parts stores are accessible nation-wide in and across the United States. International stores are found in Mexico, the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands. Click here to find a store near you. Operation hours are from Monday- Saturday 7:30 AM-9:30PM, while Sunday is from 9AM-8PM.