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Established in 1985, A.C. Moore has remained the leading arts and crafts retailer establishment in the United States. Providing customers with quality hobbies and crafts that are both entertaining and affordable, A.C. Moore has extended its significance as a popular arts and crafts retail store.

With over 141 stores across Eastern United States including stores in Berlin, Philadelphia, and Cambridge. Currently, there are no international stores available.

A.C. Moore has upheld their goals in providing their customers with quality arts and crafts at cost-effective prices nationally from offering their customers a coupon from time to time. The products available at A.C. Moore includes floral, art supplies, crafts, and frames and are also frequently shown in a weekly ad, weekly flyer, and weekly circular options in order to offer the customers the best prices.

A.C. Moore’s quality services separate them from other arts and crafts stores as a result of their weekly circular sales, coupons, and affordable prices. A.C. Moore’s regular specials on offer both online and in store contribute to the continued success of the brand.

For more information on the specials and sale items on offer, consult their official website at https://www.acmoore.com. A.C. Moore’s online catalogue is also available on their website. These detail new products including art supplies, crafts, notebooks, sketching pads, and drafting supplies from A.C. Moore and Sbars combined catalogue.


  • Online Orders: A.C. Moore’s online catalogue on their official website allows customers to purchase their arts and crafts while experiencing the comfort from their homes.
  • Great Promotional Offers: Promotions on arts and crafts are regularly available from A.C. Moore, which ensures that their customers are provided with the best deals on the market.
  • Quality Art Products: A.C. Moore’s parent company is Sbar, which is a producer of art supplies. This ensure their customers that they are receiving quality art supplies for their creations.
  • Convenient Credit Services: At A.C. Moore, customers are able to receive credit with a simple online or in store process. After that, they receive pinwheel points, which they can use for future purchases.
  • Advertising: Weekly ads, weekly ad coupons, a weekly sale ad, flyers, sales ad, and previewing the ad next week is an important part of A.C. Moore’s company that ensures their customers that they receive the best deals daily, weekly, and even monthly.


A.C. Moore stores are accessible across the Eastern United States. There are no international stores currently. Visit their official website here to find a store near you. Operating hours are from Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-9:00PM EST and Sundays are from 10AM-7PM.